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Family Owned

Rotunno Insurance Agency is a family owned agency and while time continues to pass by and changes are abounding, we’re striving to maintain the core values we were founded on back in 1981. Family has been a priority form the start, and we try to make all of our clients feel like a member of the Rotunno Insurance family.

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Since the beginning we’ve been focused on 3 major things:

  1. Provide care & protection through firm , trustworthy relationships with our clients,
  2. Be fixture in our community by being involved in local needs through giving of our time , finances, and other resources, & lastly
  3. Encourage our employees and clients to be proactive in helping those around them through various events & activities

Having been in the same location for over 35 years, we’ve seen lots of changes and lots of things come & go. Doing business face to face is still a high priority, but sometimes it just isn’t feasible with the never-ending demands on all our schedules!

If you’ve been a customer for one day or 30 years, please hold us to the high standard you have come to expect from Rotunno Insurance Agency family. We know that you rely on us to protect your most valuable treasure, including family, home, cars, and finances; and we have every intention of living up to your expectation.