"Dear Ms. Rotunno:

I wanted to drop you this note thanking you for the time which you spent with me on the telephone yesterday concerning the workers compensation question I posed to you. As you will recall, my inquiry was regarding an individual whose State Fund policy had lapsed due to the inadvertent non filing of a payroll report. The information that you provided to me concerning that matter was most helpful. In actual fact, I found it refreshing to speak with someone with your knowledge and expertise.

As I mentioned I would do, for your general information, I am enclosing our firm resume which provides you some information concerning the services we provide to the community. If my office can be of assistance to you or to your clients in any matter, you are certainly welcome to contact me. I will be keeping your name and number readily available for my future reference and look eagerly forward to working with you in connection with future matters. Kindly send to me any promotional material you may have concerning your agency.

Best wishes for a memorable and productive new year."


"Ms. Rotunno:

In the thirty years that I have been practicing law, I have, of course, had extensive dealings with insurance agents. I have found them to be masters at selling insurance, but usually "missing in action" when it came time to justifiably support an insured's claim. It was with the utmost of respect and admiration that I read your letter of December 3rd to Fireman's Fund. While the letter was obviously based upon fact, it was enlightening to see an insurance agent who was willing to state, with forcefulness and integrity, what the facts were, and to support her client's rights.

You have won my admiration. Do not be surprised if you receive, in the future, some unsolicited referrals from me."

- Henry Phillip Starr A Professional Corporation